The Android ecosystem is fast, flexible and powerful operating system designed for many smartphone and tablets. The platform is capable of making use of several services and products that are made into apps that are both working offline and online which makes the operating system even more intuitive.
The choice and the number of apps installed on any android device can make a whole lot of a difference. It not only helps the users to explore a lot but on the flip side, the apps can store some unwanted data on the smartphones and tablets that make the operating system sluggish.
The sole reason behind this sluggish behaviour of the Android device is because of the unwanted files these apps store on the system and they pre-occupy the RAM of the device. This is where most of the users look for apps and ways to minimise the storage space loss and to keep working their Android device swiftly.
Though, there is a built-in option present under the Settings menu to clear the ‘cache’ where these unwanted extra files are getting stored. It partially does the job because the similar sets of those files get recreated in due course of the apps. This is where the DU Speed Booster & Cleaner app comes into play.
DU developed a very intuitive app known as DU Speed Booster & Cleaner app. The app claims to boost the speed of your Android device up to 60 percent by cleaning the junk files, the unnecessary data from the system, therefore, increasing the available storage space. The app also clears out the unwanted files that are accumulated on the RAM thereby making the device swiftly.
Here are some of the best features of the DU Speed Booster & Cleaner app; before we list down all the benefits of the app, we just want to mention that DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is a perfect amalgamation of some of most essential speed boosting features. Lieptimising background apps, memory space and cached data along with antivirus functionality and AppLocker feature.

Phone and Memory Boost: clearing off some of the unwanted apps and preventing the apps that have the habit of auto run on boot up.
Cached file cleaner: remove cached data from all the apps periodically.
Enhanced security and Antivirus: checks the internal data of the device with the apps installed for malware and viruses.
Network Boost functionality: assess and tests the network connection speeds and checks the security status of your Wi-Fi too especially useful feature when you are on a public Wi-Fi connection.
CPU Cooler feature: accesses the temperature of the CPU and then shuts down some of the apps to put the load off from the CPU lowering down the temperatures.
Apps Manager: scans and clean all the redundant apk files. And lets you move apps from internal memory to SD card to increase the available internal memory.
App Lock: let’s you guard your privacy by locking up almost all the apps using a password or a pass code.
Smart Charge: helps you access the battery charging status with the estimated time of charge and discharge with the health of the battery.
DU Swipe: that lets you quickly switch the applications and system settings.