You might have noticed a change in the performance of your Android phone after more than 1 year of usage. Operating systems of Android phones or Tablets start working slowly as time passes. This is an annoying thing as you paid for it but you are not getting constant performance. Well not anymore, as today we will be taking a look at some Protips which can help you to boost the Speed of Your Android Phone or Tablet. So here we are going to tell you about booster for Android and for IOS devices.

Let’s get started with the First Protip to Boost the Speed of Your Android Phone or Tablet.

Du Speed Booster is Booster for Android/IOS smartphones

Free up Memory

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Memory is the biggest factor in this problem. If your device does not have sufficient space, You will definitely face lagging issues in the Performance sector of your Smartphone.

Android needs memory to store cache and data of applications. Less memory will result in less performance due to fewer capabilities.

You can delete unwanted files, applications, videos, photos to increase your phone’s storage. Keep cleaning the total stored cache once a week to free up some space.

You can also disable inbuilt applications which are not in use. It also leads to increase space on your phone.

Stop using widgets and third-party Launchers

Third party launchers and widgets gives you a slightly better User-interface and animations but they are highly performance consuming.

It is better to use the inbuilt launcher of your Android phone as your primary launcher as it consumes less performance.

So, you will get a better performance while doing other tasks.

Keep removing background running applications

Multitasking is important but it is too highly performance consuming. It’s better to apply all your energy on a single project to do the work faster and accurate instead of working on a lot of projects at the same time.

So, It is better to keep removing the background running applications. It basically leads to a smoother performance so Du Speed Booster is booster for Android smartphones and IOS phones.

Restart your phone at least twice a day

Every day, we do a lot of work and to recover our energy we usually sleep for some time. After waking up, you feel fresh from inside.

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Similarly, this can be applied to our smartphones or tablets. They are used to do a lot of work and recovery is a must. You can give this recovery to your smartphone by simply restarting it.

Restarting kills all the cache and background running process which releases the workload on phone.

So, we will advise restarting your phone at least twice a day.

Below is the video tutorial to understand how to boost your smartphone at home.

Uninstall performance demanding applications

Keep an eye on Applications which demand high battery and ram. You can go to set for this information.

If you find any such application which consumes a lot of battery or RAM. Delete it as soon as possible. You can find better alternatives to such applications.

Download DU Speed Booster

As there too many applications which are performance demanding. There is one application name DU Speed Booster. As its name suggests, it helps in speeding up the performance of your phone.

DU Speed Booster offers some really awesome features like Phone boost, network boost, security, gaming boost, and much more.

You can easily enhance your Android phone’s performance with the help of DU Speed Booster. It does its really well. You are getting all these features with DU Speed Booster at absolutely free.

It is a single application which can increase your phone’s speed in many factors whether it is network, gaming, performance, battery backup etc.

You can definitely download speed booster it to boost up the performance of your smartphone.


These were some protips for boosting your smartphone’s speed. If you follow all of these tips then you will face a huge difference in your phone’s performance.

If you are not able to follow all the tips then following some of them will also lead to a better performance.

The Most important tip is the last one which is to install DU Speed booster on your smartphone as it is capable of enhancing your smartphone speed by a good amount and according to wikihow, boost your mobile is easy task.

These were some Protips which can help you to boost the Speed of Your Android Phone or Tablet. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more tech brewed content.

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