Well, your android tablet and Smartphone being open source can occupy ‘n’ number of apps and games at the same time. With the increased RAM and the internal space, the Android devices are now able to handle a lot of data which is considered as a great thing if we compare previous generation phones that barely had certain megabytes of storage space so DU speed booster can help you.

So far so good, but there is a real issue related to the new age, any wrong combination of apps or simply installing too many apps can eat up a lot of your system resources. But, don’t worry du cleaner apk can help your phone from being sluggish. Let us know more about du apps.

Before going ahead in the topic, you must know that the android device platform has some tweaks built in such as ‘clearing the cache’ option under the Storage options in the Settings app. But such options need manual intervention at times, and that can be both times consuming and often forgetful. On the other hand du apps such as du booster and du speed booster helps you to automate such tasks keeping your android Smartphone or tablet lightning fast.

DU Speed Booster - Speed up Your Android Phone-du cleaner apk

Features of DU Speed Booster

The DU Speed Booster app and du cleaner apk is all-in-one speed booster, cache cleaner, antivirus and trash cleaner app that allows your android device to get some fresh air. It optimises background apps, manages and shreds data especially the junk files.

The built in antivirus app helps to protect the device against any malicious attacks from Trojan and viruses. There is also a built in app locker which helps the users to keep both their data and photos secure along with preventing any unauthorised access to the important apps installed on your Android device.

Let us quickly go through every function that the app has.

Phone and memory boost option

This option allows you to clean up the RAM so that the unwanted apps (that are not running in the foreground) can be cleared off from the memory to minimize the load on the processor by decreasing the number of background tasks. This is provided as a one-tap option in the app itself and aims to speed up your android device in seconds.

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Junk Files

This option allows the app to access the file system of the android system and helps you get rid of ‘unwanted’ or ‘accidentally’ created files on your android system that are not necessary for the system and must be removed to increase the available storage space. This feature also allows the users to get rid of the ‘duplicate’ files on their Android Smartphone and tablets (generally pictures and documents).

Security, Antivirus and the App locker functionality

The headline is self-explanatory though. The du cleaner apk helps you keep your android device safe from viruses and malware. The app locker functionality prevents any intruder from opening your important apps and stealing important information such as banking details from your banking app such as PayPal or your social media credentials from your social media apps such as Facebook.

Network Booster and Analyser

This function scans the Wi-Fi or the data connection to which your Android device is connected to and shows the network status and the quality of the signal and the Wi-Fi security. You can additionally view the download and upload speeds also.

CPU Cooler

There are some apps that put a lot of load on the processor and needs to be closed to prevent the overheating of the processor chip. This function gets triggered as and when it senses the hike in the CPU temperature and shuts down unwanted heavy apps from the memory to calm the processor down.

Smart Charge feature

The DU launcher also embeds another feature that gets triggered when it senses the battery charging operation. The Smart charge feature accurately manages the charging cycle and displays some of the important stuff related to the charge cycle such as ‘remaining charge time’ over an amazing screensaver.

DU Cleaner APK Review

During our testing, the app just worked fine on our Nexus 6p device. We can sum the DU apps by just saying that after we’ve installed the app the first thing that we noticed that our Nexus 6p have over 2.4 GB of unwanted data that can be erased easily. This gave us some additional space on our device. The clean-up took 20-30 seconds. We were also allowed to check and unchecked the data to be removed, and of course, we used that feature to skip removing our cloud data and YouTube Offline files.

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The app locker worked like a charm but sometimes it felt a little buggy but a simple app packing up a tonne of features this is just nitpicking.

Well, these were some of the things that is best when it comes to the DU apps such as du launcher and du cleaner apk. This write-up won’t do justice if we fail to enlist some of the shortcomings of this app. So here are some of the shortcomings and the things that we don’t like about the app.

Shortcomings of DU apps

Ads and bloatware

Well, the app is omnipotent there is no doubt about it, but there are some unwanted ads that keep popping up now and then, as the app is ad supported. This is annoying.

Unable to close the app process leading to persistent notifications

Despite the fact that the app can be turned OFF whenever you feel like, but it is just plain stupid, at least that’s what the developers think. The app ‘after being turned OFF’ sends out notifications and we can’t kill the process either as the app asks for Administrator privileges at the time of installation. So, this is another point where the app fails to make me happy.

Final Words

The app seems fine but there are some things that makes the app annoying for some users especially the advertising but still we should use this on our mobile phones.