The performance of your phone starts degrading as time passes. Many of you may have faced such issues. Android phones are not capable of giving smooth performance after 1-2 years of usage. After 1-2 years of usage. Most of the android phones start heating, lagging and facing battery issues. Well not anymore, as today we will be taking a look at DU Speed Booster. DU speed booster guarantees to give your phone a smooth performance in many sectors.

DU speed booster helps in speeding up your Android phone. It cleans your phone and updates it every time to optimize the performance.

It offers a lot of features which are beneficial for your Smartphone. These features make DU Booster the “Best Booster for your Android phone”.

Let’s take a look at the features which DU Speed Booster offers:

    • Phone Boost
    • Network Boost
    • Gaming Boost
    • Security
    • App manager
    • User settings
    • Trash Clean
    • App Lock
    • Hardware information
  • Smart Charge
  • Easy User-interface are and widgets

DU Speed Booster - Download Speed Booster - Speed Up Your Android smartphone

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These were the features of DU Booster. Let’s take a look at each and every feature closely.


Phone Boost

You can check the applications running in the background and the memory used by them. You can clear those background running applications. It leads to an enhanced CPU performance while doing your main task.

It also has a feature called “CPU Cooler”. You can decrease the temperature of your Smartphone by this feature and It is a great feature.

Network Boost

DU speed booster also enables you to Boost your Upload and Download speed. It kills all the applications running in the background which are consuming data.

It helps you to stop unnecessary Data being used by background running apps. Thus, you can use all that data in a particular task.

Game Boost

DU Booster also has a feature called Game Boost. It boosts up the Gaming Performance of your Android phone. You can select a particular game or more. DU Booster will enhance the gaming experience and you will be able to play games flawlessly.


DU Booster also guarantees for a secure performance. It has some extraordinary features inbuilt like App Lock, Privacy Advisor, and Anti Virus. These features ensure to keep your Android phone secure.

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App Manager

You can manage your applications directly through DU Booster. You can move applications from onboard storage to secondary storage in seconds. It is a very useful feature.

User settings

You can even customize DU Booster as per your needs. It gives you a user-friendly interface which is easy and managed. It also has features like Quick Switch, Scheduled booster for android, Float window etc.

Trash Clean

Trash clean is another amazing feature of DU Booster. You can clean all the unwanted trash one signal click. It has categorized the trash into Memory Trash, System Trash and Cache Trash.

You can select any of these or all of them in a single click easily. Once you do that, the storage will be freed up and you will be able to store more files flawlessly.

App Lock

App Lock is another amazing feature of DU Booster. You can lock any particular application by many methods. It does support pattern Lock, passcode lock etc.

You can even lock multiple applications. It enhances your privacy. You can also set the backup pin in case you forgot the password.

Hardware information

DU Booster also lets you know the hardware configuration of your Android phone. You can get to know all the hardware specifications of your Android phone in just single click.

It lets you know the RAM size, ROM size, processor, sensors, GPU and much more hardware specifications of your Android phone.

Smart Charge

The smart charge is another great feature of DU Booster. It lets you know all the charging information on the lock screen itself.

You will know the current battery status on the lock screen. Even it will slightly increase the Battery charging time by killing the background running apps.

It will also tell you when you should switch off the charger and temperature of your phone while charging.

User-interface and widgets

User-interface of DU Booster is really simple and easy to understand. Everything is placed perfectly. Each and every option can be accessed from the home screen itself.

There are a lot of widgets that you can apply home screen your home screen/ Lock screen. Widgets will make your work a lot easier. These widgets have a lot of tools and information. Some of them are transparent while others are attractive. You can apply any of them on your android phone to enhance the user experience.

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DU Booster has some extraordinary features which can definitely increase the user experience. DU Browser can be downloaded for absolutely no cost. It is offering great features at free which is a really good thing.

You can increase the charging speed of your Smartphone via Smart Charge option. There are many brilliant abilities of DU Browser. Gaming experience can be enhanced with the help of Gaming Boost mode. Also look at amazing source of information here.

It also works as a deep cleaner for your Smartphone because of the Trash Clean feature. You can also give your Smartphone and network a slight boost with the help of DU Booster.

DU Booster is not made for enhancing the performance only. It also secures your Android phone with features like App Lock, Privacy advisor and inbuilt Antivirus. With the inbuilt Antivirus, You can moderate your Smartphone. You can also scan the application before installing to stay safe.

Overall, DU Booster is a power-packed application for your Smartphone which definitely enhances the user experience. It is available on the internet for absolutely free. You can enjoy a much better performance, charging speed, security etc. On your android phone with the help of DU Booster.

You can easily download speed booster for your Android phone as it is available on google play store and other application markets.

This was our in-depth review of DU Browser. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more Tech brewed content.

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